Zayn Malik And Gigi Hadid Are Expecting Their First Baby

One day after the reappearance of Zayn Malik on his Instagram, the secret of Gigi Hadid is revealed. Not only are she and Malik officially back together and in quarantine, but the couple are expecting a baby.

According to TMZ, family sources close to the couple over and over said that Hadid was 20 weeks pregnant and that Malik was baby daddy. There are no details yet on the baby’s gender or the exact due date, but Hadid and Malik’s families are “very excited”.

Hadid just turned 25 on April 23 and the model posted photos on Instagram to give her 52.5 million followers a glimpse of her house party with family and friends. Her sister Bella was in a few photos, as was Malik.Zayn Malik And Gigi Hadid Are Expecting Their First Baby

In Gigi’s first collage of birthday photos, one of the photos showed her hugging a man with her back to the camera. Even if they couldn’t see her face, fans were 100% sure she was hugging Malik.

The next day, Gigi posted a Boomerang from her birthday party that put Malik standing between her and Bella under two giant silver balloons that said “25.” There was no doubt that it was Malik, and it seemed that Gigi was no longer interested in hiding the fact that they had rekindled their romance and that he was with her in quarantine.

Gigi was wearing a black top with high waisted belted jeans in the photos and was not trying to hide her belly. Her baby is so small that no one spotted him before the pregnancy was announced.