Upcoming Book About BioWare Will Give Details About

An upcoming book titled “BioWare: Stories and Secrets from 25 Years of Game Development” is expected to be released on October 13. This hardcover book is intended to explore the first quarter century of BioWare’s existence. It is expected that the studio will speak at length about some of its blockbuster games like Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic, Mass Effect and Dragon Age.

But, according to the editors, the book will also explore stories of secret and canceled projects from BioWare’s long history.

The 200-page hardcover book can currently be pre-ordered on Amazon for $ 40.

“BioWare: Stories and Secrets from 25 Years of Game Development Put You in the Room During Key Moments in BioWare History,” says the official description, “with unpublished art and photos anchored in candid developer stories past and present. Find out what it took to create games in those early days

wild urs. Pore ​​on details of secret and canceled projects. Discover the genesis of beloved characters and games. Presented and designed by Dark Horse Books, this tribute to the legacy of BioWare is a must for any fan of the best stories you can play. ” Upcoming Book About BioWare Will Give Details About Cancelled Games And Development Decisions Over 25 Years

The little bit about canceled games is the part that draws the attention of the gaming world. The most famous canceled BioWare project was called Shadow Realms. It had to be a fantastic RPG with an asymmetrical 4v1 multiplayer mode.

BioWare presented the game to the public several times before it was canceled in 2015.

However, they also mentioned secret games, which means that we could get information about projects we didn’t even know about.

Many believe that we could also get details of what was originally planned for the future of the Mass Effect franchise.

Mass Effect Andromeda was supposed to be a revival of one of BioWare’s most important and valued franchises. However, the game was rushed to stores with unfinished animation and game break issues which, despite several major fixes, still plague the title to this day.