Toya Johnson Found The Answer

Toya Johnson has been advertising her books for fans who are home these days. She also has a book written with her daughter, Reginae Carter, and she already shares several promotional videos for it. In the third one, Toya explains why mothers and daughters are banging heads all the time, and you can see the explanation under the caption of the video. “You just don’t understand it” Moms do you ever wonder why you and your daughter always bump heads ??? Maybe it’s because you looked so much. @colormenae and I always bump heads, but we always have each other’s backs, no matter what! Who can tell? $ 10 book sales continue. Do not miss it!, ‘Toya captioned her post.Toya Johnson Found The Answer To An Important Mother-Daughter IssueSomeone said, “Girl, yes, I have 3 daughters and it’s so scary, we’re in so many different ways,” and a follower posted the following message: “I can definitely have a relationship, I haven’t a daughter who looks like my twin, but my sister and I sometimes clash, but we always have each other. “One other commenter wrote, ‘I wouldn’t mind watching you guys discuss a movie during this quarantine,’ and someone else said, ‘I can’t wait until my books get me so much from my daughter and me, even the age difference lol. “One fan said, ‘I just love you and your relationship, Toya, I look like an incredible parent to you like the bomb. com and whoever asks questions that can kick off a period of rocks. “A trailer told Toya:” I can relate to that, believe me. You are just like me and my mother. My mother was a friend all my life, but not my mother. So I get what you’re doing. But both of you for your daughters. ‘