Tiny Harris Hints At A Potential Newborn

Tamar Braxton shared a video on her social media account in which she displays her incredible singing talent. But what made Tiny Harris jump in the comments was something that was written in the right corner of the video.

Check out the post Tamar shared on his social media account and got the fans talking.

“Who else feels like this ?! ♥ ️ As a parent, you… know what to talk about! I’m totally bored. And I’m hungry all the time… And Logan is ON ME #parents #kids #saturday #tamarbraxton, ‘Tamar captioned his post.

A follower said: ‘@tamarbraxton have you ever said? Phew it’s a new day yay !!!!!! ❤️✨ ‘and someone else posted this:’ Elle Def pregnant This is the 2nd baby clue that was dropped. Congratulations Tamar. ” Tiny Harris Hints At A Potential Newborn Arrival For Tamar Braxton – Check Out The Video That Has People Talking

One speaker said: ‘@majorgirl I just asked the same question. Lol ok, she cleared it up “, and another disciple said:” Me, except when I sing, it looks like a strangled cat.

Another fan joked and said, “ It was me this morning at 2 a.m. with my 5-month-old granddaughter … laughing and crying because she was sleepy, ” and another follower posted this: “ She plays and sounds amazing !! A real singer !! ”

A subscriber posted: “ Logan has gotten the business since you were locked up. Leave Beans LIVE.

Tamar has equal

celebrated her birthday not too long ago and also impressed fans with new music.

Toni Braxton also seems to have celebrated Tamar’s birthday. Judging by the message she shared on her social media account, it seems that Toni met Tamar and took a break from quarantine.

But she also criticized Tamar as you can see in the caption of the post she shared on her account on social networks