The Internet Has Weighed In With Their Opinions

When HBO announced that it was developing a series around the hit game The Last of Us, fans of the exclusive PS4 franchise went crazy.

Not only is this series happening, but Neil Druckmann of Naughty Dog, who directed The Last of Us and the upcoming The Last of Us Part II, will be one of the creative forces behind the project. He will be joined by Chernobyl leader Craig Mazin.

So we know the show is going on; we know who does it, the next logical step is to find out who plays some of these characters

emblematic like Joel or Ellie. Joel is a fleshy role with great tenacity, drama and emotion supporting him. Troy Baker played the character perfectly in the games, but he doesn’t look anything like Joel, so he’s not a likely choice.

However, a major name began to be online when the HBO program was announced.
The Internet Has Weighed In With Their Opinions On Who Should Play Joel In HBO’s Upcoming The Last Of Us Television Series
Hugh Jackman.

That’s right, fans around the world want to see Wolverine himself play the role of Joel, and honestly, it’s an inspired choice.

Jackman has serious strengths that he has repeatedly shown in films like Les Misérables. He also has the cheesy street talent necessary to face a game icon like Joel thanks to all the time he has spent as a Wolverine.

In fact, Jackman played a character similar to Joel when he last appeared as Wolverine in the Fox X-Men movies.

In L

he movie Logan, Jackman was an elderly, bitter Wolverine who cared for a little girl as they traveled together on an adventure through an apocalyptic world.

Seems familiar?

In addition, Jackman is the right age. Joel is said to be somewhere between mid-to-late 40s and Jackman is 51 years old. It would also match the most recent adaptation of the major game, The Witcher. Netflix launched Henry Cavill to play Geralt de Rivia. Cavill is currently a Hollywood star with a large franchise of superheroes to his credit ap