Teresa Giudice Looks Like The Spitting Image

Teresa Giudice’s brother Joe apparently recalled a little while in quarantine, like everyone else, due to the coronavirus, COVID-19 pandemic. That said, the reality TV star took his choice on social media to share some photos of him and Teresa. It wasn’t long before fans started showing how much the Real Housewives of New Jersey’s celeb and one of her daughters, 15-year-old Milania, look alike! Is it a twin, or what? People on social media couldn’t believe their eyes! Joe Gorga shared the photos in one message and they showed the siblings at different stages in their lives, both as children, but also from Teresa’s 1999 wedding. Teresa Giudice Looks Like The Spitting Image Of Her Teen Daughter Milania In Throwback Family Photos! Although all the photos are just very interesting to look at, followers couldn’t help but focus on one specific thing – how much younger Teresa and her daughter, Milania, look alike! While it is still very clear how much the teenager looks like her mother, even if she looks at each other today, it is amazing to see Teresa in the 1980s and 1990s! This is how fans react to the backlash: “Spitting image of Milania!” / ‘Love Family Photos’: Milania is Everything Teresa and Gino are All You are Joe! 🙏🏻 Beautiful family from start to finish! ‘/’ Omg the one with her as a child looks exactly like Milania !!!! ‘/’ Teresa just looked like Milania. 🤣. “These are just some of the many comments from followers who” had to make a double effort to make sure they did not look at Milania. Even with the ’90s style hair and makeup, the mother of four still looks just like her 15-year-old daughter in those throwback photos.