Steam Labs Reorganizes Steam’s News Feed

“Whether you’re at work, on the bus, or at home, you can now browse a custom hub to easily find updates, announcements, and events from the games you play and the games that interest you,” says Valve. in their ad. “Plus, find out about upcoming events with options to receive reminders via email or mobile so you can intervene directly when the event is live.”

There will also be an organization of recent events and news according to their news. By organizing it chronologically, it seems that Valve wishes to promote a more stable and more relevant flow of information. Upcoming events can also be seen in this feed!
Steam Labs Reorganizes Steam’s News Feed Into A Customizable News Hub
You can also find upcoming events and announcements for the items of your choice. Valve describes that you can select from your library, your wish list, the following list, Steam recommendations or the Steam / Steamworks blogs to view them.

With all the features described, it certainly seems to be incredibly user-friendly. Valve says it is also mobile-friendly, with the event hub specifically designed to be easy to use for your mo

biles. They hope this will also help you set your gaming hobby in motion, allowing you to find news about your daily commute or your break from work.

This is also far from the final version of the service. Valve discusses upcoming features they plan to add in the coming weeks, referring to additional sources of information, presentation pages and even more customizable options