Prince William & Kate Middleton

Prince William and Kate Middleton celebrated the 2nd anniversary of their youngest son, Prince Louis, on Thursday, April 23, and they marked the occasion by posting beautiful photos taken by the Duchess of Cambridge, showing the young royal’s fun with arts and crafts. The couple also shared their first post “Instagram vs Reality” on the Kensington Royal Instagram page to show that every moment was not perfect.

On Wednesday, William and Kate posted four adorable photos to their Instagram account. One image was Louis’ artwork, and the other three depicted the young prince wearing a blue and white gingham shirt as he displayed his hands covered in bright colors while smiling big for the camera.Prince William & Kate Middleton Celebrate Prince Louis ‘Second Birthday With Adorable’ Instagram vs. Reality ‘Post

The next day, on the occasion of Louis’ 2nd birthday, the royal couple published an “Instagram versus reality” photo which revealed that the photo session was a little more complicated than what she had left the day before.

The “Instagram” photo was a perfect image they hadn’t posted yet, showing Louis smiling as he held his hands covered in paint to the camera. The “reality” photo showed Louis’ face covered in paint after he coated the paint with his hands on his cheeks.

“Instagram vs reality,” they wrote in the caption. “Thank you for all your beautiful messages on the second anniversary of Prince Louis! The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are very happy to share new photographs of Prince Louis, taken by the Duchess in April.”