Othercide Comes Out For The PS4

PAX East was supposed to be a major event for Sony. Unfortunately, threats from the Coronavirus left them no choice but to give up the event this year. This does not mean that they will withhold their trailer revelation. Some have – in fact – started to sink in recent days. One of the most memorable so far has been for the Othercide game.

It shows an interesting black and white world that now teams up with monsters of the proportions of another world. Based on the details given, a mother is in great agony. As she is suffering, she calls her daughters. They are his last hope of salvation. The monsters featured in the trailer are very unique. Some have multiple limbs while others are slender with horns. Othercide Comes Out For The PS4 This Summer, A New Trailer From PAX East 2020 Is Out Now

These monsters are called the others. They came from other dimensions and judging by their actions, they mean business. The trailer shows many thematic elements presented in the Autrecide. They look extremely unique with dark tones and a moody aesthetic. You don’t often see these types of visuals in RPGs, so right away, Othercide stands out from the crowd.

Looking at the description of the trailer revealed for the PS4, there will be a dynamic timeline system. It basically allows you to plan your attacks using all kinds of abilities. So a lot of strategy seems to be involved. As you progress through the game, you will be able to improve the girls’ abilities and shape their personalities.

It is also mentioned that there are epic patterns. They are fearful creatures of suffering and, from the first impressions of this trailer, they seem to be forces to be reckoned with.