Nicki Minaj’s Controversial Man Kenneth

According to new reports, Nicki Minaj’s husband Kenneth Petty was arrested yesterday due to the fact that he did not register as a sex offender after moving to California. Here are the details!

The news was confirmed via HollywoodLife by the American marshals.

In the meantime, the rapper has already met with a judge and has pleaded “not guilty”.

In addition, TMZ reports that prosecutors in his case wanted the man to be placed under house arrest.

Instead of this option, however, Kenneth must now wear an ankle monitor and also has a curfew.

And that’s not all! He also returned his passport and it appears that his travel rights have been limited to southern California. Nicki Minaj’s Controversial Man Kenneth Petty Arrested After Not Registering As A Sex Offender In California

TMZ goes on to say that it “can no longer use drugs, even marijuana at legal clinics in Los Angeles.” Another hearing is scheduled for March 23 ”.

Nicki has not yet addressed the situation, whether on social networks or via media of any kind.

It is not the first time that Kenneth has been in trouble with the law, which is why many Nicki fans weren’t too happy to learn s

After being arrested for a traffic violation and released on bail, the Beverly Hills police also realized that Kenneth Petty was a sex offender registered in New York.

That said, it was not yet registered in California, as required by law.

As you may know, the state requires that a sex offender moving to California register within five working days with the law enforcement agency that has jurisdiction over their residence.