MechWarrior 5’s First DLC Has Been Pushed

The first MechWarrior 5 DLC was originally scheduled to be released in April. Unfortunately, there were obstacles that hindered developer Piranha Games and moved the target release date to June. However, since the coronavirus has had an impact on the world on a global scale since the beginning of March, the developer pushes back the release date again.MechWarrior 5’s First DLC Has Been Pushed Back Due To Work-From-Home Restrictions

Now, the first DLC titled Heroes of the Inner Sphere won’t be released until later this year. This is normal because many developers have to radically change the way they work. Piranha Games apologized for the inconvenience as they know how many loyal fans have been eagerly awaiting the new content.

They cited homework as the main culprit behind the delay. They must work from home and evolve with their modified resources. This new world in which we find ourselves now is not going to prevent Piranha Games from working on this highly anticipated DLC. They are still determined to publish it this year.