Late March Hardware Sales Charts Reveal

We have placed the statistics below, which help show exactly how dominant the Switch was over its competitors. They sold more than 5 times more than the Xbox One, and almost 4 times more than the PlayStation 4. We can probably safely ignore how it has outperformed the Nintendo 3DS, since it is also a Nintendo console. – not to mention its release almost a decade ago and is a mobile console. Late March Hardware Sales Charts Reveal Switch Outselling Competition In North America By As Much As 500%

The numbers are even more inflated when you leave North America, but there is no region where the Switch was not completely dominant. In Japan, it sold exponentially more than its competitors at a ridiculously high margin and overall recorded more than 4x what its closest competition, the PlayStation 4, sold.

So why did the Nintendo Switch outperform all of its competitors so well? Honestly, once you dive in, it’s really not that surprising.
The first thing to think about is the release of the games in March. Namely, Animal Crossing: New Horizons has become a Nintendo exclusive and one of the most anticipated titles. There was also a Nintendo Direct near the end of the month which raised a huge hype for the system and its various titles. The other most notable title was Doom Eternal, which is available on most consoles.