KUWK: Blac Chyna Posts About Wanting

It’s no secret that Blac Chyna has a lot of drama with his baby daddy, Rob Kardashian and his huge reality TV family. However, it seems that in the middle of her already explosive and public custody battle with the only son Kardashian, she started more drama with someone else in the clan – Khloe Kardashian!

Chyna took advantage of social media to share an ambiguous message on her IG account and fans quickly began to assume that it was Khloe!

KUWK fans know that in the last few episodes, Khloe and her sister Kourtney are arguing, so, does Chyna want to be part of their drama? KUWK: Blac Chyna Posts About Wanting To Fight Khloe Kardashian And Fans Are Confused!

Watching the last episode a few days ago, Khloe tweeted live her reactions and opinions.

One of his tweets said: “ I would demolish a ** lol de Kourt who does not play. I’m 5’10 ”. She is 5 feet a good day. #KUWTK. ”

Well, it seems that Chyna is convinced that she can take it despite her size since she posted on IG Stories: ‘Et 5’2? [think emoji] ‘apparently addressing Khloe!

It is very logical that Chyna indeed tries to taunt Khloe and cause her to fight.
Fans reacted quickly, writing things like, “Does anyone notice Blac Chyna asked Khloe to fight?” / ‘Chyna said she was 5’2 “which is fine now Khloe.” / ‘Blac Chyna wants to fight Khloe ?? For what exactly ?? ‘/’ Khloe said she would demolish Kourtney because she is 5’10 ‘/’ Kourtney just 5 feet away and that bitch blac chyna left and said what about 5’2. ‘