Julianne Hough Says That Time Apart

According to the media, Laich, 36, enjoys solitude at home in Idaho with his dog, Koda, while Hough hangs out in Los Angeles. Although they are on the other side of the country, apparently they are doing very well.

In an Instagram Live session for Oprah Magazine, Julianne shared that she was “on her own,” while her husband was “doing a lot of gardening.” Hough told the host that it was truly a “magic moment” for the two.

Hough explained that although she is alone, she doesn’t mind so much because she is naturally introverted. According to the reality star, in her thirties, she spends a lot of time with people, but she also appreciates her loneliness.Julianne Hough Says That Time Apart From Husband Brooks Laich Has Been ‘Magical’

That said, the former student of Dancing With The Stars said that she did not feel “alone”, but that she definitely felt “alone”. The reality star pointed out that there was a difference between the two terms. Although she lacks hanging out with other people, loneliness is not that bad either. It’s a moment of reflection for her.

She has developed a deeper connection with what is most important in her life. Laich made similar comments about his podcast earlier this week. He said that he missed links with the others but that he finally liked being alone.

However, he said that much of his quarantine time was with his dog. The former NHL player said he loved having his dog with him, otherwise he would probably be a little more bothered by the isolation. As the couple sing about how great things are, it is rumored that they split up.