How to Split PDF Pages Without Acrobat

How to Split PDF Pages Without Acrobat


Splitting your PDF files can seem to be a bit of a difficult task. Some pdf files are larger than we may need. Splitting your pdf into pages will allow you to keep only the pages that are useful to you. Though it seems quite technical, in only a few steps, here you will learn how to split pdf files without Acrobat. There are several ways to achieve this and from this point on you will be able to split your pdf with ease.

What Program Will Split PDF Pages Without Acrobat?

If you’re wondering if you have to download a program to split a pdf into pages without acrobat, the answer is no, it’s not a must. If you’re concerned about using lots of data, no worries, you won’t be taking up loads of extra space on your computer. If you have google chrome installed on your computer, you are good to go. Google has the built-in capability to split your pdf documents into only a few simple steps. If google chrome isn’t installed on your computer, CutePDF and applications of the sort can be installed to your computer. But beware of the pesky free ads that may come along with it.

How Do I Use the Program to Split PDF Pages?

Don’t be intimidated by breaking this file down. The only thing needed to get started is a PDF file viewer. If google chrome is the program of choice to separate your file, this can be done successfully in a few minutes or less. Google chrome has both the pdf viewer and the print to pdf feature to make this a simple process. The first steps in splitting your pdf into separate pages are:

  • Open your Chrome browser
  • Drag and drop your PDF file into the google chrome browser
  • Open the file in chrome and click the menu button
  • Select PRINT from the menu, which will appear on the left side
  • You’ll see the option “destination”, this is asking the location where you would like your file saved to.
  • Select the CHANGE button
  • Select SAVE AS PDF
  • The next option will show you the different printers to choose from
  • Choose your printer or print to your google drive email address
  • This document will still be saved to your computer as well for your easy extraction.

After following the steps above you will see the button that says “pages”. Here you will be able to choose which pages to save to your specified location When selecting the pages to print, be sure to put in each page number separated by a comma. For example, to print pages 1, 3, 6, 9, the numbers should be entered as shown. If the file is not being completely split, feel free to group the file the way you choose such as choosing pages 1-3, and 4-9, 10-13. This will save your files to your computer as a pdf file and each page will be a separate file. The pages can also be sent to your google drive if you don’t have an actual printer on hand. This tool also allows the files to be reordered to your liking. Now that you’re a mini, tech wiz, you’ll be able to customize your pdf files.

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