How to Make Tricky Rap Beats

The art of making hard rap beats is all in the feel. As with any style of music, it is necessary that you learn what instruments drive the genre before you can begin to master it. When it comes to rap beats, it is essential that you make sure the bass and drums are on point. Outside of simple chord structure, these are definitely two most important parts of the beat which make it sound so good.

When making a hard beat, it helps if you are in an aggressive mood. This will get you that natural feel that the track needs. Most dark tracks are in minor keys. So whatever key you’re playing in, make sure it is minor. This gives it a dark and edgy feel. Use great samples with your subs. These have to be very heavy. However, leave room for your kick drum to breathe. If your kick does not stand out, there is no foundation sonically. So here are the key points: Solid bass, minor key, kick as the foundation.

Next, I will go a little deeper into instrumentation. To get a nice dark sound, try using some warm pads, some staccato string ensembles, and some quirky synths as leads. Brass sections are the ultimate instrumental-darkeners. Using any variation of low raspy trombones, and French horns will definitely give you that aggression that you look for in your hard rap beats. Punchy kicks, crisp snares, light hi-hats, smooth crashes, dark bells, and sizzling open hats are all components that should be put into the mix as well. When you loved this short article and you would love to receive more info about free hip hop trap beats generously visit our own page.

Next up is tempo. What is a hard beat when the tempo is too slow? This can easily kill the vibe, and/or give you a completely different effect than you intended. BPMs for these types of tracks should range from 125-140 for dirty south or trap-like beats, and 80-105 for East Coast style beats. If you stay within this range for your given genre, you will find that you get a nice vibe from the beat.

Now that you have the basics for setting up an intense instrumental, you have the tools to start making some money off of your music. It is really easy these days. It is actually easier than trying to apply to every job on your block and hoping you get hired by someone so that they can tell you what to do. Go ahead, throw some tracks together, get a website, and don’t be afraid to start making some cash with your newly acclaimed hard rap beats.

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