All of our professional backing tracks

The paris music team features the highest la mecanique, featuring manufacturing businesses, musicians and singers with undeniable knowledge in-studio and satisfaction credits in shows integrating top of the springs and later with jools netherlands. Yes, all of us only operate the best music artists and bands and vocalists to re-create the professional recordings, and thus match each of our tracks seeing that close to the basic as possible. Each of our blend of state-of-the-art technology, and hugely experienced personnel make certain you won’t get a better sound cover variant anywhere. Anything your music requirements might be, paris music can produce that for you. We certainly have produced a great eclectic assortment of styles and genres adding: dance remixes jingles critical albums modern age music gregorian vocals and children’s play room rhyme practice tracks. All of our professional backing tracks have got definite being – we all don’t carry out fade outs – and therefore are available in the first key except if stated in any other case.

Alternatively, we could make tunes available in other keys, on the other hand prices and availability will change from keep track of to track. Needed for changes greater than two semi-tones, or if you wish the absolute top quality result, we are happy rate you a cost to re-record any keep tabs on professionally inside the studio. Contact us by email or mobile which song/s you are interested in addition to what major and we should work out an amount for you. We could remix virtually all songs within our catalogue on your exact requirements. Let us know by simply email or perhaps phone which will song or perhaps songs you are looking at and we’re going check availableness and value. We can as well supply virtually all songs inside our catalogue in multitrack structure, whereby every single instrument group is supplied being a separate wav file for one to import with your own program and mix your self.

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