The Keith Knutsson

Keith Knutsson, Chair, Community board of Project LINK and President of Integrale Advisors, has partnered with Tina Young, the manager Director of Project LINK. “I’m excited to be a part of this program to assist deprived youngsters succeed in class. These youngsters want a bit encouragement and this project makes them higher perceive the importance of discipline and success in life by encouraging them to attend category daily. a number of these youngsters have truly ne’er in hand their own bike.”TAMPA, Sunshine State / ACCESSWIRE / March three, 2017 / Project LINK, in partnership with Integrale Advisors, Associate in Nursingnounces an “Attendance & Non late Rewards Contest” for college students at Broward primary school in metropolis. The project provides sponsors with the chance to support many schoolroom celebrations for college students with the simplest group action and activity reports. Students with the foremost outstanding reports are placed in a very drawing for a free bicycle and helmet.